Vibrant Thinking – Pottery painting team building to unleash business creativity.

Are you looking for a team building experience with a difference? Have you ever thought about how a creative, artistic activity can galvanise your team dynamics, nurture staff wellbeing and help to solve complex problems within your business? Vibrant Thinking could be the answer.

Our number one goal is to help you and your team improve productivity and wellbeing, whilst clearly demonstrating the inextricable link between the two. How do we help you achieve this? By using pottery painting to release new ideas and creative thinking within groups.

“Made us take time to think about where our business is going.”

Our team building pottery painting workshops are flexible tools that can be used to build a stronger team environment, create a vision for your organisation, improve wellbeing, or simply engender greater confidence and self-belief.

A key factor is that group members get to know each other in an entirely different way, recognising respective strengths, pooling ideas and taking greater pride in their work.

So re-energise your business thinking! Give us a call today on 07788 779 711 or email

C. Riley The Healthy Girl Guide

A combination of Lorna’s business skills and creative knowledge provided a valuable business tool to used on a daily basis.


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