From Corporate to Ceramics

I am not an arty person, I can’t draw, paint or sew and I was banned from taking Art O level at school. So why am I running a pottery painting business?

The answer is that I don’t see pottery painting as art or requiring artistic ability. I see it as a way of facilitating creative thinking to overcome challenges with the added benefit of being a rewarding and absorbing activity that anyone can do and achieve great results first time. I see it as a way to relax your mind and energise your thinking.

Vibrant Thinking brings together all aspects of my life – my psychology degree, nearly 20 years at Procter and Gamble where creating and delivering training & workshops was my favourite part of the job and pottery painting.

I first realised how powerful pottery painting was when I was on a course to run your own pottery painting business (which was also the first time I had ever done pottery painting!) and I realised 3 things:

1) At the end of each day I felt energised and refreshed - despite being talked at all day and taking in huge amounts of information. I’d never experienced that at a course at P&G

2) I came away with a completely different way to run the business which had nothing to do with the course content but the act of pottery painting sparked creativity in my thinking.

3) I was incredibly proud of my results which boosted my confidence.

Tapping into my experience I have created fresh new workshops which facilitate creative thinking to overcome challenges whilst at the same time improving mental wellbeing of participants which I am passionate about taking to as many people as possible!


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