If you are looking for a fun, energising team building activity which is indoors and which is accessible to anyone then our workshops are what you are looking for. We offer pottery painting as an activity which unleashes the feel good factor and is inclusive.

All of our workshops are bespoke and created to fit the brief from your organisation. Sometimes you might just want a fun two hour activity where participants learn a new skill and have fun creating something they will be proud of. Other times you might be looking for a more in depth session where, in addition to learning a new skill and having fun, participants will be looking at their team dynamics and how to improve them. These sessions may be half a day or a full day depending on your needs.

The advantages of our team building activities are:

1) Accessible to all – it is an activity that anyone can take part in and enjoy, no matter what their ability. We have even had blind individuals take part.

2) It is very absorbing and mindful – in many ways it acts the same as meditation. It therefore refreshes individuals and reduces stress, improving their wellbeing

3) When structured within our workshops pottery painting can help people see things from a different perspective. Visualisation (rather than verbalisation) of a viewpoint is a powerful way of communicating. This can be a start point to changing team dynamics.

4) Sense of pride and achievement – there are simple but effective techniques which ensure that all participants achieve great results first time and feel proud of their output, making them feel good about themselves.

Key Benefits of our Team Building workshops:

1) Boost to employee mental wellbeing just by taking part.

2) Improving how a team works together

3) Increased resilience via generating positive emotions such as fun, enjoyment, and a sense of pride & achievement.

  • Danielle
    Was feeling quite stressed and in need of a break at the start of the session. I was excited to try something new and now I feel much more relaxed and with a renewed sense of perspective and what's important. It was so great - thank you!
  • Was feeling tired and a bit stressed at the start of the session - now feel relaxed, chilled out and calm.
  • Very relaxing and awesome instruction. Feel happy and ready to go back to work now.
  • Loved this course, relaxed, informative with time built in for participants to talk and share ideas
  • Thanks - it was great. I forgot I had any problems
  • I loved the workshop! I am not very artistic, despite the desire to be. I found painting my bowl great fun and I'm over the moon with the finished piece. I can't wait to do it again.
  • Very relaxing experience
  • Thank you so much for a fun, yet relaxing time.
  • I really enjoyed the session it was something different and fun. I was amazed at what I could produce with Lorna's advice as I am not artistic at all. Thank you!
  • Liz (Elizabeth Kirkby) & I run the Speakeasy Stroke Group based in Gateshead. It is primarily a communication group for adults who've had strokes. We are often trying to think of new, fun activities that all can take part in/ enjoy. A few years ago I discovered Rainbow Pottery! As a consequence, the lovely Lorna has come to us regularly to deliver a themed pottery painting session - Christmas, Easter etc. She has always delivered a fantastic session and made sure that all our members have had a successful & enjoyable session. We'll see you soon!
  • Lorna came to do some work with our Sibling Support group and was amazing. All the children had a fantastic session and loved designing their plates with some of their favourite activities to do with their brother or sister who has autism. We'd love to have Lorna back again in the future & can't rate her highly enough.
  • I wanted to say a massive thank you for the recent pottery painting session with the young people’s group. As always your patient and supportive approach enabled the group to engage with the theme and express their views, while having a brilliant time. One young person said to me “I never thought I’d enjoy pottery painting but it was really relaxing and easy to chat when I was doing something else."
  • Utter relaxation
  • It was a delight to "escape" from "normal life" - Thank you
  • Totally relaxing morning - great to feel inspired at the end of it.
  • Wonderful session and an opportunity to meet some lovely, interesting people
  • A fabulous way to spend a morning.  An opportunity to relax and achieve at the same time. Fab!
  • Fresh new sort of training session. Brings people together well. Great fun too!
  • Made us take time to think about where our business is going, which I think you don't always do.
  • It was a very useful course – I was surprised at how very clear the vision became and how I could create a representation of it – all down to Lorna’s excellent facilitation
  • A combination of Lorna’s business skills and creative knowledge provided a valuable business tool to used on a daily basis.


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