Team Building

Aim: To offer the group an opportunity to examine how their team works, their part in it and to identify any changes that would help the working of the group.

Outcomes: by the end of the course/workshop members should be able to:

i) Identify own place and role in the group

ii) Understand others roles and style better

iii) Have a list of changes to work on for self

Typical session would include:

a) Welcome, introductions and objectives of the day

b) Painting on to a coaster in a way that illustrates self and character, discuss in pairs and then introduce partner to the group, through the piece of pottery.

c) Use pottery items representing selves to form a map of the group as it is now map (like an organogram but based on how people work together rather than authority), negotiating how to place self. Discuss as a group. What changes would help? Each member has the right to make one move, of self only. Group discussion

d) Theoretical input of differing roles in a group and the purpose of each role Identify own role. Group discussion

e) Group exercise to illustrate visually the ideal group map, by painting a large platter with each individual represented within the team map. Discussion about what the group wants to achieve and how to do it.

f) Group presents the platter to the course trainer, explaining what it represents, leadership styles, group members roles in doing it. Discuss

g) Pottery painting exercise where each individual paints a mug that illustrates the strengths that each of their colleagues bring to the team. These can then act as a permanent reminder in the office of the strengths different individuals bring to the team.

h) Individually or in pairs, think about three things to do differently in future as a result of the learning from this day. Write down, self addressed envelope to be mailed by trainer in 3 months.


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