Team Building

If you are looking for a fun, energising team building activity which is indoors and which is accessible to anyone then our workshops are what you are looking for. We offer pottery painting as an activity which unleashes the feel good factor and is inclusive.

All of our workshops are bespoke and created to fit the brief from your organisation. We facilitate all the sessions to ensure your objectives for the day are delivered and participants will have a quality take away to remind them of the day.

Examples of workshops we run include:

1) Workshops for new teams: In pairs share information about each other, likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies etc. Each individual then paints a mug or a plate to represent their partner

2) Workshops for new teams : Painting on to a coaster in a way that illustrates self and character, discuss in pairs and then introduce partner to the group, through the piece of pottery.

3) Workshops for established teams: In groups of 4 of 5 identify and recognise the different strengths each individual brings to the team. Between the group paint a mug for each individual which has visual representations of the different strengths they bring to the team.

4) Workshops for established teams: Identify a core skill or strength for each individual. Discuss how the strengths or skills interact with other's making a stronger team. Discuss how the team works currently and if changes could be made to strengthen. Create a visual representation for each individual on a tile and create a bigger picture with all the individual tiles to represent how the team best works. This can then be put on a wall in the office. .


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