Simple pottery painting techniques to relax and focus the mind.

Our team wellbeing workshops are a great addition to team building strategies for your business. They can help build team awareness, wellbeing and resilience, and we can also offer individual sessions for employees or smaller groups with specific objectives.

Our wellbeing at work pottery painting programmes run along similar lines to more well-known techniques such as yoga or meditation. The aim is to relax you and your team, focusing you all on the present.

“The sequence of exercises were very useful as a practical way of ordering thoughts and ideas.”

A key difference is that the use of this artistic activity gives participants a tangible focus and of course a physical end product to take away and remind them of what they have learned from the experience. Pottery painting is a highly absorbing, fun activity which can help reduce stress, open up the mind and remove some of the gravity and seriousness of work issues.

A typical session will include a demonstration of a few pottery painting techniques and tips at the outset. Participants then paint an item of pottery, applying these simple, effective techniques. One exercise for the group might involve each member of the team painting an item for a colleague to reflect that persons interests, strengths and positive character traits.

The sessions are designed to improve wellbeing at work, providing a welcome opportunity for employees to enjoy a relaxing and stress relieving experience, whilst also giving them the chance to explore often hidden artistic abilities and a sense of achievement and pride in their finished pieces.

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C. Riley The Healthy Girl Guide

A combination of Lorna’s business skills and creative knowledge provided a valuable business tool to used on a daily basis.


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