Why Pottery Painting

There is growing recognition of the importance of wellbeing and mental health in the work place and that interventions that reduce stress levels can have a positive impact on productivity and reduce sickness absence. There has also been increased discussion and news coverage around the area of mindfulness and how it can help with anxiety, depression and stress relief.

Pottery painting is a fantastic, relaxing activity that is totally absorbing and therefore by its nature a mindful activity that focuses you on the here and now and has a calming effect. It leaves people feeling refreshed, energised and proud of their work all of which are positive emotions that can impact on productivity and resilience..

In addition Pottery Painting is a very accessible form of art – more accessible than other areas of art due to the use of simple techniques that generate fantastic results first time. Art can be used to great effect in the area of creative problem solving – as Elliot Eisner, a professor of education at Stanford University, offers the following perspective on the role of the arts in a child’s life: “The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer. The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. One of the large lessons kids can learn from practicing the arts is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.” Studies have also shown that children more exposed to arts in the curriculum show better critical thinking skills. Using art to develop creative thinking and critical thinking skills is just as relevant to adults in the business world..

The creativity of painting can release ideas in groups. This activity enables group members to get to know each other in a different way, recognise others strengths and pool ideas. It can enable a group to feel ownership and passion for the outcome of the session. It is also a fun, rewarding and inclusive activity with no artistic skill needed..

Pottery painting is a flexible tool that can be used to great effect in your organisation whether that’s offering an activity to improve wellbeing, using it in a workshop to grow confidence and self- belief or if you are looking to create a vision for your organisation or build a stronger team.


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