Our creative problem solving workshops use pottery painting as a tool that improves creative thinking to overcome your business challenges. The workshops are tailor made for your company and designed to overcome specific business challenges (as defined by you). The below gives you an idea of what you can expect from one one of our workshops.

Outcomes: by the end of the course/workshop members should be able to:

i) Identified the best solution to overcome the challenge

ii) Action plan on how to put the solution in place

iii) A take away in the form of a piece of pottery that will act as a daily reminder of the commitment of the team

The workshops run for a full or half day depending on the need of the business and an example of how a session could run is outlined below:

a) Welcome, introductions and objectives of the day

b) Pottery exercise – each individual paints a visual representation of how they see the business challenge on a piece of pottery.

c) Everyone presents their visual representation back to the team – facilitated discussion about the different ways the challenge is perceive

d) Idea generation exercise – could be a pottery or more traditional exercise

e) Group discussion to identify key themes/evaluate ideas – identify route forward

f) Action planning exercise and owners

g) Pottery exercise – each individual paints a visual representation of their action plan commitment, used as a take away reminder of the day and their commitment to the project.


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