Why Pottery Painting can benefit you, your staff or your business.

Forward thinking employers are starting to recognise how building positive team environments and nurturing wellbeing and good mental health in the work place has a positive impact on productivity. If your team is happy in their work – and indeed in other aspects of their lives – it stands to reason that together you are likely to achieve more.

That’s where Vibrant Thinking comes in, using pottery painting team building workshops as relaxing, absorbing and mindful activities, with the aim of leaving participants feeling refreshed, energised and proud of their work.

Art can also be used to great effect in creative problem solving. Studies show that those of us who were more exposed to arts in our school curriculum develop better critical thinking skills. That tenet is just as relevant to adults in the business world, which is why team building through pottery painting can be used to great effect in your organisation. Interventions and methods like this can also reduce stress levels and sickness absence by engendering positive emotions and greater resilience.

“Problems can have more than one solution and questions can have more than one answer. The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. One of the large lessons from practicing the arts is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world.” Elliot Eisner, professor of education at Stanford University.

Our pottery painting team building workshops offer you a highly accessible, inclusive and creative form of art, with simple techniques designed to generate fantastic first time results. They also have a specific purpose: to release ideas in groups, to allow participants to get to know each other in a different way, to recognise key strengths in themselves and others, and to pool ideas. It enables a team of people to feel ownership and passion for the outcome of a particular session and can therefore be a vital tool in setting business or personal goals such as:

Building a stronger team environment.

Creating a new vision for your organisation.

Developing confidence and self-belief.

Improving staff wellbeing.

Our pottery sessions help you see things in different ways, give your whole team a voice, as well as time to get new perspectives. The biggest point of difference is that everyone gets a physical representation of a challenge to take away. This can be used at work on a daily basis and will act as a reminder of the day – a visual prompt that connects back to the session.


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