A Session With Global Radio North East

A Session With Global Radio North East

We get to meet some great people at Vibrant Thinking through our team building exercises, and recently we visited the Global Radio North East headquarters, home to Heart, Smooth, Capital and Classic FM radio stations, based in Newcastle, where we spent some time with seven participants from the organisation – all working in sales and marketing within the radio station. 


“Unique, Thought-provoking, Honest, Relaxing, Cathartic”


The company had recently undergone a complete restructure that had changed everyone’s roles, and had some roles moved to the Glasgow office. With the team working in the new structure for just a month – they felt it was the right time to look at what was working and how they could address the challenges they were facing. Here’s what the team had to say about their session with us…


The first activity that the team took part in was the Ice Breaker where you visually represent one positive you have experienced from the recent restructure. We had a butterfly – because she felt like she had finally been given her wings, and a goat in black to represent someone’s unhappy feelings initially but they have realised that actually, it’s a great opportunity and goat stands for ‘greatest of all time’ which is how they feel about the team. 


“Very effective, this was almost the best part, it started the session on the right note and got people away from being in ‘work mode’…” 



The second activity was to split the team into two groups and do a brainstorm, where the employees had to identify what challenges the team are facing in the set up, find solutions to each challenge and select who is going to own each action point. 


“Really useful, made us think differently – much needed with the changes that have been implemented recently, it’s been difficult to get that focus back…”


Before ending the session with creating their own mug where they visually represent the action points that each member has taken responsibility for. This final creative activity ensures that you have a reminder on your desk of what you have ownership of – and acts as a permanent reminder. 


“I really enjoyed the Ice Breaker challenge – a very relaxing task with a creative spin to make you think…”



It’s always interesting to us to see how the sessions make people feel from beginning to end; We had one member who felt intrigued at the start, engaged throughout due to the fun they were having with the different creative exercises and then when the session came to an end they felt as a team they had come up with some solutions to their new way of working! 


Another member came into the session feeling sceptical at first as they felt like they didn’t really have the time for it, but once they got in the zone they really appreciated the time-out for some thinking, team bonding and ‘me time’ – having felt very stressed before and left the session feeling like they could have painted for longer! 


This is the perfect example of how one of our team building sessions can really benefit a business – no matter how big nor small, there is always a valuable lesson to take from it and your workforce are guaranteed to leave feeling brighter, energised and confident about their abilities to overcome stumbling blocks and face challenges with a new found resilience.


“I would recommend it as it was different, productive and an external person helped create more candid feedback!” 


“It’s totally different to any other team building session I have taken part in before. I also think the fact that it could be done in a couple of hours is a great advantage. It means the team building exercise can be one in a relatively short space of time, and still be effective whilst not taking staff away from work for too long!” 

“Lorna is easy to work with. She can adapt her very fun and creative workshop to fit around your office space. She understands the demands of business today and ensures that the workshop is focussed on solutions to the challenges. The team really got stuck in and loved making their pottery. We were able to work through our challenges in a positive way. Great workshop, different and engaging, and we all have a reminder sitting on our desks in the form of a mug!” 

– Kim Miljus – Global Radio North East MD. 


All of the sessions we carry out here at Vibrant Thinking designed to have a lasting impact, with one of our participants explaining that “Months down the line I feel our team have embraced what was discussed that day and as a result, those issues have been either greatly improved or have gone altogether. 


If you would like to organise your very own team building session for your workforce, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 07788 779 711 or email info@vibrantthinking.co.uk. Our team building and wellness sessions prove a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues as friends and escape the work mentality for a morning or afternoon.