A Session with Wriggle

A Session with Wriggle

On Tuesday 16th April, Vibrant Thinking visited the Wriggle Marketing office on Gosforth high-street for an introductory team building session. The team had taken on a couple of new team members in the previous weeks so it was the perfect time to take part in some fun, thought-provoking challenges as a way of getting to know each other in ways that they would never have ordinarily.


“Lorna’s workshop was engaging, inclusive, thought-provoking and fun. A brilliant team-building event and something a bit different! I really enjoyed the session and would look forward to doing another. Highly recommended.”

Guy Kingsley-Smith – Sales Executive at Wriggle Marketing


The session consisted of three different rounds of activities – the first being the Tile Task. This consisted of giving each member of the team their own tile to paint with something that tells a fact about yourself that they did not know, prior to the session. This allowed the Wriggle team to express their creativity through painting pictures and symbols instead of words, to convey the message.


“What a fantastic afternoon provided by Vibrant Thinking, it was enjoyed by our whole team. The session provided creativity and insights into other team members which we would ordinarily not have known. Thank you again!”

Nick Gianfreda – Managing Director at Wriggle Marketing


The second task was to describe using one word only – an image shown to them of a Deer. The purpose of this task is purely to challenge the thoughts of the participants in finding only one, simple way of explaining what they see in front of them. This portrays how we all view things differently and have our own personal opinions, so for example someone described it as ‘quirky’ and another described it with the word ‘predator’. It’s a challenging, thought-provoking task that really gets you to process things and see the world from a different perspective, through your team members’ eyes.


The third and final task was given to the Wriggle team with sheets of A3 paper, where they all had to go around the group and draw a fact about the particular person from a segment of information they had been given. For example – one question given was ‘what is your proudest achievement in life so far?’ and whatever answer the member gave, their partner had to illustrate it through images rather than words. This then prepped the team for drawing the answers onto their own personal ceramic mug, which is something sentimental that each participant gets to keep following their team building session – to act as a constant reminder of what they learnt through the activity and to remind you to take five minutes out of your working day to care for your mental well-being.


“The team building session provided by Lorna was so professional but fun and engaging! She listened to our goals as a team and understood what we wanted to gain from the session. Lorna was so lovely, patient and organised – the team at Wriggle Marketing couldn’t fault the whole experience at all! You don’t need to be artistic or be able to paint to get the most out of these team building sessions! Highly recommend!!”

Stephanie Dennis – Account Manager at Wriggle Marketing


If you would like to organise your very own team building session for your workforce, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 07788 779 711 or email info@vibrantthinking.co.uk. Our team building and wellness sessions prove a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues as friends and escape the work mentality for a morning or afternoon.