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Using creativity to build engaged and productive teams in and for any scenario

Hello and welcome to Vibrant Thinking.    Our mission is to provide step by step support, in bite sized chunks, to team leaders to identify and address their and their team members key stress points.  We like to call it helping create their individual safety net.


It is well documented that stress has negative impact on mental wellbeing and can cause people to need to take time off work, which in turn puts more pressure and stress on the remaining team.   Companies recognise that mental wellbeing needs to be a priority and many have put in place wellbeing programmes to support their employees.


However there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this because different people have different causes of stress (what one person finds stressful another will find straightforward and vice versa) and people have different tolerances and ability to cope with stress.


Here at Vibrant Thinking we divide stress in to 3 distinct categories:


    • Stress caused by a specific event that has happened or is happening now. Examples of this include death of a family member, divorce or moving house.


    • Stress caused by a feeling of overwhelm caused by something happening now. Examples of this include feeling that you are never on top of things at work, juggling between work and family or behaviours of others in your team.


    • Stress caused by the worry about what might happen in the future and feeling you might not be able to cope. Examples of this include how you will manage to deliver the work if a team member goes of sick for more than a couple of days or if you lost your job.



Our interventions focus on areas 2 & 3 above.    We provide a step by step bite sized approach to help identify the root cause of the stress and then help them find practical and flexible solutions to address this.

Our Team Building Options

Vibrant Thinking Club

Vibrant Thinking Club offers:

  • Ideas to keep your team connected & engaged
  • Curated content for current best approach
  • Curated list of tools and how to best use them

£99.00 a month


Create your own safety net

Create your own safety net is a 6 week course delivered online.   It offers step by step support in bite sized chunks of around 30 minutes.   Each session is around 30 minutes and includes practical application.

At the end of the course you will have:

  1. Identified the root cause of stress at work
  2. Implemented solutions to this
  3. Helped your team work through the same process
  4. Know how to flex your team for different future possibilities

£999.00 for the 6 week course

Vibrant Thinking Workshops

Bespoke virtual workshops to overcome specific challenges your and your team face.

Outcome will include solutions with owners and timings.

Starts at £1,499.00