5 Tips To Ease The Strain Of Financial Stress

Dog resting on lap during a wellbeing workshop

5 Tips To Ease The Strain Of Financial Stress

Easing The Strain Of Financial Stress

Finances can be one of the biggest causes for concern that almost everyone has experienced at one point in their lives. So much so, that 77% of people in the UK are stressed about it.

Worrying about your financial situation can come in many different scenarios for example, not being able to afford the new handbag that you have your eye on, having to cancel social plans with your friends or whether it be generally just struggling to make ends meet.

Not only does stress affect yourself but it also can affect every other aspect of your day to day life, without you necessarily realising. It can trickle down to putting a strain on your personal relationships, make you unhappy and distracted at work, increase insomnia and even affect your health – both physical and mental.

It’s simply an area that will not go away unless you approach it as face value. So today we thought we would take a look into what you can do to lift the burden and ease the strain of financial stress…

Dog resting on lap during a wellbeing workshop

Our Five Top Tips For Easing Financial Stress:

Prioritise and Plan –

At the start of each month, outline everything that will be leaving your bank account. These may be:

  • Rent (if applicable).
  • Utility bills.
  • Weekly grocery shop.
  • Phone bills.
  • Monthly subscriptions / memberships.
  • Petrol / Car Payments.

This will help you calculate exactly what you NEED to pay for, and what you could easily drop one month if money happens to be tight. Therefore you can pre-empt any impulse purchases, plan your social calendar and afford to treat yourself within your means.

Research The Best Rates –

Utilise websites such as Money Saving Expert by Martin Lewis. Lewis offers financial advice on where you can go for the best rates and policies at particular times of year, keep on top of fluctuations in the economy, discount codes for our favourite high street retailers and many, many more.

You can also visit websites such as Which? Where you can gain budgeting tips, money saving advice and read up on their guide to making more money.

Open Up –

Keeping your worries bottled up is extremely unhealthy, and can lead to outbursts of irrational behaviour due to stress. Don’t be afraid to speak up to discuss your concerns with a trained professional who can give you the correct and trusted advice, support and guidance to plan out realistic solutions to your worries.

Don’t Lose Your Routine –

It is important to not lose touch with your routine when you have worries weighing heavily on your mind. Your routine is what can bring a sense of familiarity to your day, if you know exactly where you need to be, at what time and why.

Maintain your daily routine by trying the following:

  • Wake up / go to sleep at your normal time.
  • Ensure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Check in with family members, friends and neighbours.
  • Go to the gym or take part in a physical exercise.
  • Implement self-care (this could be your hour unwinding before bed; run a bath, read a book and switch off from digital technology before you go to sleep).


Live Within Your Means –

In today’s digital age, everything that everyone does is uploaded to social media. Whether it be a luxury new purchase that your friend has uploaded to Instagram, or a delicious meal that someone is enjoying at your local restaurant. It can often drive impulse purchases (does ‘YOLO’ ring a bell?) and lead to you living out of your means, without you even noticing!

Don’t compare your purchases and lifestyle to someone on Instagram, because at the end of the day – that is their highlight reel. So always remember to keep in mind reality, before comparison.

How Can Vibrant Thinking Help?

We assess the issues at the centre of your workplace, so that you can maximise your team’s production and increase their workplace enjoyment.

Looking after your employees is one of the most fundamental and appreciated investments that you can make as a business owner. Ensuring that your team are happy, healthy and feel valued can do wonders for the success of your business!

Here is how Vibrant Thinking can help YOUR business today:

Wellbeing Days –

Our team Wellbeing workshops are a fantastic addition to team-building strategies within your business. They can help to build team awareness, wellbeing and resilience, in addition to offering individual sessions to employees or smaller groups to focus on specific objectives.

Our Wellbeing At Work Pottery Painting Programmes run along and address similar issues as yoga or meditation practise. However a key difference is that the use of this artistic activity gives participants a tangible focus and of course a physical end product to take away to remind them of what they have learned from the experience.

Pottery painting is a highly absorbing, fun activity that can help to reduce stress, open up the mind and remove some of the gravity and seriousness of work issues. The aim is to relax yourself and your team, and draw your focus to the present.

A typical session will include:

  • A demonstration of Pottery Painting techniques and tips.
  • The opportunity for your team to paint an item of pottery by applying the simple but effective techniques as touched on above.
  • Before finishing the session by painting an item for a fellow colleague to reflect their personal interests, strengths and positive character traits.

The sessions are designed to improve wellbeing at work, providing a welcome opportunity for employees to enjoy a relaxing and stress relieving experience whilst giving them the chance to explore often hidden artistic abilities and a sense of achievement and pride in their finished pieces.

Creative Problem Solving Workshops –

Our Creative Problem Solving Workshops can help to change the way that your team think about your business.

Especially helpful in terms of learning and practising problem solving techniques that can assist in highlighting financial worries, we can offer you and your team to get involved in customised problem-solving workshops, using pottery painting as a vehicle to develop creative thinking, address specific business challenges and find new ways to overcome them.

The core objective of the exercise is to encourage visual representation, idea generation and group discussions on how you can move forward in the future.

The act of Pottery Painting simply relaxes the mind, facilitates a more creative way of thinking while stimulating ideas. It is a powerful tool to unlock different and more creative solutions to a tricky challenge.

Get In Touch Today…

Is it time to re-energise your business thinking?

If the answer is yes, then get in touch with our team today! Whether you are looking for additional information or to book your session, give us a call on 07788 779 711 or email us at info@vibrantthinking.co.uk.

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