Why Is Mental Health At Work So Important?

Why Is Mental Health At Work So Important?

It is reported that a sixth of the UK population between the ages 16-64 in England have or have experienced an issue with their mental health. With it being said that women are more likely to suffer, men are however more likely to take their own lives, as reported by BBC News, with mental health problems statistically being the biggest killer of men. 

It’s worrying to think that at some point, a friend, family member or colleague of yours may have suffered with their own mental health, and perhaps didn’t talk to you about it, right? Then how would you feel if we told you that over half of work absences are accounted for by work-related stress and mental health illnesses? This is why promoting positive mental health at work is so incredibly important. 

Spot The Signs

As an employer, or employee, you should always be consciously aware of the atmosphere and behaviour in your workplace. This can make it easier for you to spot any unusual signs with your colleagues and help to identify areas of the business that may need work on. We understand that work can be a stressful environment, therefore here are some key things to look out for to tell if your employees stress levels are worryingly high…

Are The Productivity Levels Declining?

When your team are feeling happy, refreshed and motivated, the overall vibe of the workplace is high-spirited and the productivity levels usually rise smoothly and satisfyingly. Sadly, for busy employers this is the one particular area that will catch your eye possibly the most if there were to be an issue with the morale of your workforce, if the productivity levels begin to dip. Of course, if this slips then it does have a knock on effect for overall business and profits. Don’t let this area of recognition be the main reason for you noticing a problem, try to focus on the more intricate issues that can be worked on straight away… 

Does Your Team Look Happy?

Is the team member who used to come in smiling, full of joy starting to arrive into work looking tired, stressed and like a different person? Is there a positive, friendly feel in the office dining area at lunch time? Can you hear the sound of laughter and your employees happily helping each other across their desks? If you are reading this and doubting your confidence in your own team’s happiness, then that is usually a good time to schedule a team meeting and check-in with everyone on a personal level. 

Have The Absence Levels Changed? 

Of course, it is totally normal for your employees to take their entitlement of annual leave as and when they wish to recharge their batteries and come back to fall back in love with the job that they do. Because that is what it is there for at the end of the day. But as we reported earlier, more than half of work absences are reported to be due to mental health issues and work-related stress. You don’t want this to be your workplace, instead you want your employees to come to work thriving each morning! If you have noticed a lot of your team are beginning to slope off with unusual absence levels more and more regularly, perhaps you should check in with them and talk to them about how they are feeling. This can comfort them to open up about their worries, doubts or struggles and you can come up with a solution together! 

Is The Work Quality Different All Of A Sudden? 

Relating to our second point, when productivity levels begin to dip, so does the overall quality of work produced. If you feel like the quality of your services is not quite up to scratch or has changed quite drastically, then it is time to talk. 

What Can Businesses Do To Help?

In 2016 it was reported by the World Health Organisation that if treatment for mental health was not scaled up, then the world would lose 12 BILLION workdays to depression and anxiety disorders by 2030… let’s just let that sink in for a moment. 

There are many things that employers can do to keep a safe eye on the wellbeing of their employees, and to prevent any possible work-related mental health issues. When the top dogs in charge open up and publicise their overall stance on mental health support, you will find that it can encourage people struggling or doubting themselves to open up and talk about it with you, as you are showing that you have an understanding of the topic and are willing to help and support. Here are some of our tips from our team at Vibrant Thinking on what employers and decision makers can do to help your team and promote positive mental wellbeing…

Things That You Can Do With A Budget Behind You: 


Book A Team Building Workshop With Vibrant Thinking

Here at Vibrant Thinking we can come to your workplace and provide creative thinking, team building Pottery Painting workshops. We work with your team to increase innovation and creative thinking to overcome challenges, identify and eliminate perceived ‘roadblocks’ to achieve your overall goals, increase engagement and interaction between your employees and give an overall boost to your employee wellbeing. 

Give Out Gym Memberships

If your business budget can stretch that far, then why not offer your team a free gym membership? General exercise on a regular basis is proven to have fantastic benefits on both your physical and mental health, and encourages your team to live a more healthy lifestyle that they don’t have to fund themselves! 

Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Keep on top of your communication with your employees and schedule in regular team and individual meetings to discuss the month’s productivity and issues. This will give your employees a chance to open up to you about how well they are doing with their workload, any problems they are running into and any issues that are causing them concern. 

Host Regular Team Get-Togethers

Pencil in team events to attend together outside of the working environment. Meeting up out of hours and doing something fun with each other can boost your overall team morale, build on friendships and bond senior and junior team members together! 

Contact Vibrant Thinking Today!

If you would like to ensure that your workforce are happy and performing to their ultimate best together within the office, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today to book in your workshop. Give us a call on 07788 779 711 or email us at info@vibrantthinking.co.uk.