How To Build The Perfect Wind-Down Routine

How To Build The Perfect Wind-Down Routine

We have fallen culprit to being victims of sleep deprivation at one point in our lives. Whether it may be exam season at school and your worries are keeping you awake at night, or you come home after a long day at work and just cannot seem to easily wind down from the office stress, it can lead to a detrimental knock on effect that you could really do without. 


A lack of sleep brings with it some pretty awful health problems in tow, such as: a general struggle to focus, lack of motivation, provoke forgetfulness, negatively impacts your mood and can enhance stress levels. In addition to being more vulnerable to a heightened risk of heart disease, respiratory problems, diabetes and obesity. 


Science states that the average human best functions on a minimum of eight hours of sleep. However, in a recent report, a study states that the average person living in the UK sleeps for around 5.78 and 6.83 hours per night, meaning that many of us actually miss out on the recommended amount of sleep by around 100.6 minutes


In true Vibrant Thinking style, we want to help combat this and improve your mental wellbeing in the workplace, and in addition to our Wellbeing Days, we also highly recommend implementing a regular night time routine to ensure that you get into a pattern each evening of winding down, taking some ‘ME Time’ and preparing yourself for the next working day. 


How To Build The Perfect Wind-Down Routine


The magic to nailing your perfect night time routine is to figure out what is important to you, and what you truly enjoy. This will help you to instantly escape your reality and immerse yourself in some well deserved self-care. 


6PM – Arriving Home


If you work the 9-5 office lifestyle, then hopefully you will be home or having left work come six o’clock. Begin your wind-down routine from here on in, if you are on your commute home – pop in your earphones and listen to your favourite playlist, podcast or watch your favourite YouTube video. If you have arrived home by this time, get changed out of your work attire, pop on some comfortable clothes and make yourself a cup of tea. Taking even just five minutes to sit and have a moment to yourself can make all the difference to kick-start the come down from your busy day!


7PM – Nourish To Flourish 


Think about making a start on your dinner. Whether that be picking up a midweek takeaway treat, or cooking yourself a healthy dish in the kitchen, whatever you fancy that evening – do it. Listening to your gut will never lead you in the wrong direction, and having a full, satisfied stomach will help you relax for the evening. 


8PM – Self Care


Enjoy a long, hot shower – giving yourself some uninterrupted time to process your thoughts, go over what the day has thrown at you and think about what you will spend the rest of your evening enjoying. Or if you have a bath tub, be a little bit extra – and run yourself a hot bubble bath with your favourite products, light a couple of candles and dim the lights. This will help you to truly detoxify and zone out, ensuring complete chill time is endured. 


8:30PM – 9:00PM – Organise


Your last half hour before getting into bed should be your window to pour yourself your favourite drink to enjoy in bed, tidy up the loose ends that you have made since getting home, and performing your evening skincare routine, popping on your comfiest pyjamas and turning off all lights and appliances around the home. Whether you like to read in bed, or watch television – whatever it may be, organise what you need to get yourself cosy. 


9PM – Reflect And Prepare


You can guarantee that the moment you get into bed, you have so many ideas for the working day, upcoming projects, chores and errands that you need to run, so it is always handy to have a notepad next to your bed – to jot down any notes and to-do lists to organise your following day. This is also a fantastic idea to allow yourself even just ten minutes to reflect on your day – write down the best part of your day, the worst part of your day – and how you can avoid the worst happening again. This will give you a sense of clarity before switching off your lights and nodding off for an early night before your 6AM alarm awakens you. 

How Can Vibrant Thinking Help?


We are dedicated to helping the nation achieve an overall healthier state of mind. We understand that a busy working day with a full to-do list can make it hard for you and your team to pencil in some time to leave the office to spend time together out of hours. This is where we step in! 


We can help you escape mindfully miles away from your desk, all while remaining still in the office, with our team bringing our services to you. We centralise around Team Building, and can deliver Wellbeing Days using simple pottery painting techniques to help you to relax and refocus the mind, offering you a practical way of ordering your thoughts and ideas, approaching previous stumbling blocks and overall team dynamics with Creative Problem Solving activities and strive to change the way your team thinks about your business. 

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