5 Incredible Benefits of Team Building Activities

3 men smiling during pottery painting team building activity

5 Incredible Benefits of Team Building Activities

What is Team Building?

Before we get into the benefits of team building activities – what does team building even mean? For any team to be effective, they need to be able to work together efficiently and towards a common goal. Team building is simply the process of helping to turn a group of individual employees into a close-knit team and improve working relationships to overcome issues such as problem-solving, decision making and conflict.

3 men smiling during pottery painting team building activity

How can it benefit your workplace?

Now that we’ve covered what team building means, let’s dive into our top 5 favourite reasons why it can benefit your workplace!

1. Improves understanding and communication

An effective team must be able to communicate effectively. A lack of communication within the workplace can lead to a number of different issues. Team building can help break down this barrier by providing an environment which is fun, creative and promotes collaboration and communication. 

However, for any team building activity to be effective, it must be well planned and thought out. Another ‘nice day out of the office’ probably won’t do much.

Even though it may be uncomfortable at first, a well-planned team-building exercise will be designed to encourage team members to communicate. Not only will people learn more about the skills of each individual, but they may also learn more about them personally. Which may explain why and how a person behaves and interacts with people at work.

2. Reduces stress and boosts morale

It’s becoming increasingly important to look after your personal well-being and mental health. Work-related stress in the UK isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, 12.8 million days were lost to stress-related issues back in 2019. 

Stress, unfortunately, is a fact of life, however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be reduced. Team building activities are an incredible way to alleviate stress in the workplace. They encourage creativity and promote fun in the workplace. The idea of having fun at work is often overlooked, yet we believe that having fun can have a significant impact on improving results in the workplace.

3. Improves team dynamics and company culture

It can be easy for individuals to become alienated within a team. With collaboration at its heart, team building exercises can include the individuals that are often excluded. Promoting the talent, skills and creativity of all involved. This, in turn, can improve the overall dynamic of the team and encourage a positive culture within a workplace by reinforcing the values and vision of the company.

4. Encourages creativity and problem solving

Creativity in the workplace can be often overlooked or even discouraged. Yet, creating an environment in which creativity is promoted can work wonders for your business. Out of the ordinary team building activities are a fantastic opportunity to allow people to use their imagination and come up with creative solutions to potentially barrier blocking problems. 

Everyone has their own unique ideas, thoughts and opinions. Therefore, creating a platform for employees to really express their creativity can truly transform a business.

5. Builds trust and respect

Team building activities are a great way for people to get to know one another. It can often be hard to develop strong personal relationships in work when things are busy. Through creative and collaborative team activities, people can start to learn about individual strengths and weaknesses, fears and capabilities – fueling a sense of trust and respect amongst the team.

Trust and respect issues can often be as a result of a simple lack of communication and knowledge sharing. Team building activities, when delivered in a fun and relaxed environment, will encourage greater trust and respect amongst everyone involved.


How can Vibrant Thinking help?

Vibrant Thinking offers you and your team an incredible opportunity to get involved in customised and creative problem-solving workshops. We use pottery painting as a vehicle to develop creative thinking, address specific business challenges and find new ways to overcome them.

The core objective of the exercise is to encourage visual representation, idea generation and group discussions on how to move your team and business forward. The act of pottery painting relaxes the mind, facilitates a more creative way of thinking and stimulates ideas. It is a powerful tool to unlock different and more creative solutions to a challenge.

If you’d like to find out more about how Vibrant Thinking can help you or your business please feel free to get in touch!