How To Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance

How To Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance

For ambitious, passionate and hard-working entrepreneurs, a work-life balance can be a major challenge to control. 


When you love what you do, and the reason for why you do it, it can be difficult to ‘switch off’ once you leave the workplace. Constantly looking around for ideas, potential sales, new clients and so on. With your drive and determination to succeed, there is always something that can add value to your business in your eyes, and while that is certainly not a bad thing – this mentality can cause you to burn the candle at both ends, and have an effect on your personal life. 


You know how it goes, “all work and no play”? Well here at Vibrant Thinking, we want to ensure that is not the situation that you find yourself in, and that yourself and your employees take care of each other – mind, body and spirit, to create the perfect work-life balance. Take a read at some of our top tips that we recommend you try out for yourself…


How To Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance




When you have a jam-packed schedule and your diary is jotted out with meeting after meeting, it is extremely important to prioritise your time. Work out exactly what meeting or task is of high priority in the workplace that week, and ensure that they are at the top of your list. 


In the case that you begin to find that you are repeating a lot of the same task, or there is a particular task that is taking you a while to complete, then why not ask another team member to take it on? Share out your workload where you can, to ensure that you make time for the important tasks that need done ASAP. 




The key to a calm, well ran office space is mastering the art of organisation. This may require more than just yourself to delegate tasks to each member, but if you can have your entire team’s schedule organised, whether you run a Monday morning workflow meeting or you populate their Google calendar, you will find that once you know exactly what project every person is working, realistically, and what stage a project is at, the more you will be able to leave the work in their capable hands. 



For any employee, you seek applicants for a job opening that you feel like you will be able to work well with and trust 100%, right? One way to create a perfect work-life balance, is to have a solid team of middle management around you. Whether this consists of two other members, or entire fleet – when you have someone in charge of their own section, delegating the workload and reporting back to you on the productivity and pace of a project, you will find that you can relax a lot more, and sit back from time to time.




If you struggle to switch off at 5pm, then try to be strict with yourself and set boundaries. Try setting an alarm at 6pm, giving you time to finish off any major tasks and small admin jobs, turn your computer off and go home. 


Living in such a digitally driven climate right now, everything on our laptops can soon be reached at our fingertips on our smartphones. Set time-limits on your smartphone to ensure that you are locked out of an app by a certain time, or you are alerted when you are working too late into the evening. 


Another helpful way to ensuring that you do stick to this, is by letting your fellow employees know exactly what time frame they can reach you on. This will help relieve the amount of phone calls, text messages and emails that you get fed through if you specifically say when you are ‘in office mode’ and ‘out of office’. 




When you run your own business, and all you want is to succeed and grow and develop along the way, saying ‘no’ to things can be extremely hard! You don’t want to have to turn down a client’s request, but if you don’t have the current resources to carry out the work efficiently, then sometimes it cannot be helped, and once you explain – they will completely understand. 


Saying ‘no’ is also important to protect your brand image and business reputation. Imagine if you were afraid of telling a loyal customer that you are unable to do something in the time frame they desire, so you agree, but it takes you an extra couple of days to complete – this not only makes you look unorganised, but it will make for an unhappy client/customer. Cover your own back and do what is realistic on your timeframe and resources. 




Having something to look forward to when you get home from work always helps to get you out of the door that little bit quicker. Why not put together a ‘self-care’ routine that you can enjoy when you arrive home from work, to ensure that you get even just a couple of hours of ‘me time’. This can involve anything from:


  • Put the kettle on – enjoy a cup of tea, or any other beverage of your preference.
  • Run a bubble bath – indulge in your favourite pamper products 
  • Read a book – immerse yourself in another world
  • Watch your favourite TV show – lose yourself in another characters life
  • Get an early night – the best way to tackle another busy day 


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