My Vision

my vision

My Vision

Hi, I am Lorna and I am passionate about using creativity to unleash team potential.   This comes from nearly 20 years at Procter & Gamble, an organisation I am incredibly proud to say I worked for.


I am even more proud to say I am one of only 16 people in the world to have been given the opportunity to join a business programme called Inspiration USA delivered by Babson College in Boston (worlds number 1 entrepreneurial college) recently.

Two weeks ago I ran a team building company that used pottery painting as a tool to enable creative problem solving.   I’d also recently completed a new branding strategy that included a strap-line ‘Empowering teams, transforming the work place’.    I referred to this with clients as changing the office culture.


Fast forward to today and I have re-designed my business given no one will be having face to face team building anytime soon.    But the strapline still holds true – it’s just the meaning has changed – transforming the workplace is much bigger than I ever imagined.


My vision is to create a business community to help each other change and adapt to the new reality we face with Covoid-19.   I am seeing two approaches to this situation by businesses

  1. What do we need to do to adapt?
  2. Let’s do the best we can whilst we wait until this is over and everything returns to normal

This community is for the first group.   The saying that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ has never been more true than now.      On a global level people are going to find ways to work together and do business in a completely different way to previously.  And we will never go back to where we were just a few short weeks ago.

This platform is a prototype at this point and I welcome all feedback about what kind of content you would like included in here, what challenges you and your teams are facing and the barriers to change you are encountering.  (you can email me on or call me on 07788779711)

I will be adding content in different formats on a regular basis which will help spark ideas to apply to your teams from a motivational point of view and how to change work process.