GRATITUDE: How the Inspiration USA course is helping me through this extremely tough time.


In early January I was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of the first 16 people in the world to take part in a trial business programme called inspiration USA.



It was a risk, there was very little information about the course and it was a significant investment of time and money (including a week in Boston).    But I took the plunge – I have never been more grateful for trusting my gut instinct to go for it.

The course has left me with an understanding of the power of Design Thinking.    This means I have been able to open my mind to the many possibilities available and more importantly act on them.     During these extremely difficult times with Covoid-19  I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced this course which has enabled me to re-design and re-launch my entire business in 3 days.

Additionally I have made 16 life long friends from the course, who, whilst being a very diverse group, all took the same risk.    I describe it as my ‘I’m a Celeb Get Me Out of Here’ experience – no one else on this planet will have our experience.   They are my closest cheer leaders and I theirs.

If I hadn’t taken part in the course I know that I would be facing this uncertain future with dread and a sense of hopelessness.   Whilst I am worried about the next few months I am also determined to get through it.

A week ago I ran a creative team building business that was 100 % face to face.  Now I am creating the Vibrant Thinking Community designed to enable yourself and others respond with creativity to the challenge we face.    A huge thank you to Phil & Penni at Enterprise Made Simple and all the amazing lecturers at Babson – and of course my incredible cohort.

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