Team Building Experiences

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Team Building days have always been an integral aspect of corporate business for many years prior and here at Vibrant Thinking, we like to offer something a little different to our clients who come to us seeking Team Building activities in order to grow and develop their business and strengthen their core team.

What Makes us Different?

The best thing about out us at Vibrant Thinking is that we come to you, carrying out the sessions in your very own workplace so it is totally fuss-free and easy for you to squeeze into your working day (all we require is a table and a couple of hours of your time!) and we simply offer three different styles of Team Building experiences that are all collectively designed to free your mind miles away from your desk and change the way your team thinks about your business.

Pottery Painting Workshops

All of our workshops provide a positive boost for your employee’s mental well-being within the working environment, allowing them to take a couple of hours to escape the stresses and responsibilities of their current workload and not to mention – you never leave anything that we do here at Vibrant Thinking empty handed!


Each participant will take away their very own visual reminder of the session – being a physical product you have designed which acts as a permanent mental cue to connect back to the workshop’s objectives and outcomes to remind you to practise resilience and empower you to push through for when it all gets a little bit too much!

An invaluable workshop providing the opportunity to step out of the business in order for it to progress.

What You Achieve from our Workshops

The areas that we can work on together are Team Dynamics, Creative Problem Solving and Well-being Days. Our main method of our sessions are orchestrated through Pottery Painting. The activities allow your team to explore their creative side and see things from an entirely brand new perspective; giving just a paintbrush and a ceramic tile or mug to demonstrate their thoughts, feelings and ideas through visualisation in order to think outside of the box when conveying the message they want to portray.


Our Pottery Painting workshops can be tailored to your business’ specific needs and are a great way to naturally relax the relationships between colleagues and most importantly – senior to junior roles within the company.

Team Dynamics

We will concentrate on the overall team dynamics of your workforce within our sessions; encouraging better communication between senior and junior roles, creating a relaxed relationship out of working conditions and allowing your employees to give you feedback, share their thoughts and feelings and change the way that your team think about your business.

Creative Problem Solving

Our workshops include activities that help to introduce your team to new solutions to problem-solving and find new ways to overcome them in order to strive for success within your business.

Wellbeing Days

Our well-being days stress the emphasis of taking your mind miles away from your desk, to achieve a calmer, balanced and more focused working environment. They encourage your team to feel more energised and ready to face work challenges and they nurture a sense of pride, achievement and personal resilience in team members.


Lorna is easy to work with. She can adapt her very fun and creative workshop to fit around your office space. She understands the demands of business today and ensures that the workshop is focussed on solutions to the challenges. The team really got stuck in and loved making their pottery as part of the workshop which in turn opened up their minds. The team had great fun we were able to then work through our challenges in a positive way. Great workshop, different and engaging and we all have a reminder sitting on our desks in the form of a mug!

Kim Miljus Managing Director

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