Creative Problem Solving Workshops

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Vibrant Thinking also offers you and your teams to get involved in customised problem-solving workshops, using pottery painting as a vehicle to develop creative thinking, address specific business challenges and find new ways to overcome them.


The core objective of the exercise is to encourage visual representation, idea generation and group discussions on how to move your team and business forward. The act of pottery painting relaxes the mind, facilitates a more creative way of thinking and stimulates ideas. It is a powerful tool to unlock different and more creative solutions to a challenge.

“An invaluable workshop providing the opportunity to step out of the business in order for it to progress.”

Our full or half day problem solving team build workshops can be utilised for many different purposes. For example, you may be diversifying the business into new areas and need to create a new overall vision to take that forward. You might have set up a new business team, department or unit which needs to crystallise its aims, or you want to develop better ways for teams or groups to communicate and work with each other across different areas of your business.


The way participants visually represent a business challenge can be entirely different to how they verbally articulate it or how others see it. Seeing a challenge in different ways allows for wider discussion on how to overcome it.


An initial pottery painting exercise can involve each participant painting a visual representation of how they see an identified business challenge. This helps to facilitate discussion about how that challenge is perceived within the group. This is followed up with idea generation and action planning exercises.

Is it time to re-energise your business thinking?

Increased innovation and creative thinking to overcome challenges.

Identification and elimination of perceived ‘road blocks’ to achieving your goals.

Increased engagement and interaction between employees.

Better communication between team members and boosted employee wellbeing.

“The team really got stuck in and loved painting their pottery which in turn open up their minds. We were able to work through our challenges in a positive way”


Lorna is easy to work with. She can adapt her very fun and creative workshop to fit around your office space. She understands the demands of business today and ensures that the workshop is focussed on solutions to the challenges. The team really got stuck in and loved making their pottery as part of the workshop which in turn opened up their minds. The team had great fun we were able to then work through our challenges in a positive way. Great workshop, different and engaging and we all have a reminder sitting on our desks in the form of a mug!

Kim Miljus Managing Director