Changing the way your team thinks about your business.

Team building away days have been an important aspect of corporate group development for many years. Vibrant Thinking’s team dynamics workshops offer something a little bit different.

Our energising team building sessions are specifically designed to refresh participants and allow them to see things from entirely new perspectives.

Within carefully structured pottery painting workshops, we use visualisation techniques rather than verbalisation of viewpoints as a powerful way of communicating. This is the starting point to changing and improving team dynamics. A visual representation of how a challenge or vision for a business is often understood by others much faster than a verbal articulation.

“The course challenged us to think about things we hadn’t before and it’s great to have a daily visual reminder of that in the pottery art produced.”

Using pottery painting to visually represent perspectives and ideas is a natural way to achieve equal interaction between the group in terms of introverts and extroverts or senior and junior staff members.

Our team dynamics pottery painting workshops can be tailored for both new and established corporate teams, from sharing important introductory information about each other to illustrate character traits, through to groups identifying key strengths and core skills in others to develop new methods for tackling day to day working challenges.

A typical exercise may involve initial discussion about how your team currently operates before creating a visual representation of how each team member fits into the bigger picture – in many ways like designing your own team jigsaw to establish ways of strengthening team understanding and respective roles.

A boost for employee mental wellbeing and resilience, their value to the team and pride in their work.
A visual ‘take away’ reminder – not a piece of paper that gets filed – as a mental cue to connect back to the session objectives and outcomes.

C. Riley The Healthy Girl Guide

A combination of Lorna’s business skills and creative knowledge provided a valuable business tool to used on a daily basis.


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